Boss Index

Boss IndexThank you for participating in the Boss Index [BI]. The BI is an anonymous monthly survey of how well leadership around the country is performing. Every month the BI will be updated and published so you can see if leadership is getting better or worse. At we believe that there needs to be more accountability on the leaders in the companies in America. This is your chance to voice your opinion about your boss anonymously. If you are taking this survey through an academic institution please complete the fields at the bottom.

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Please take one minute to respond to the statements below. This survey is anonymous. Thank you for participating.

DisagreeSomewhat DisagreeSomewhat AgreeAgree
I trust my manager (Can be relied upon to do what is right.)
My manager communicates well with me (Shares information that helps me with my job.)
My boss has a vision for the future (Shares long-term goals that are greater than 1 year.)
My boss cares about me (Demonstrates concern form my well-being.)
My boss is an effective leader (Accomplishes goals and objectives in a non-destructive way.)
I am proud to be working for my company (A sense of deep satisfaction to be a part of the organization.)

Please rank the six statements below in order of importance to you; 1 being the most important statement, 6 being the least important statement. Please use each number (1,2,3,4,5,6) only once for all six statements.