Interactive Leadership Training - The ENERGY Model

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The goal of this training is to enhance your current style of leadership, and to teach you new ways of thinking about leadership. In today’s world leading others is more challenging than ever. Although many business professionals learn about leadership in school (usually called management), here you will refresh your skills and also learn about new concepts and ideas. For instance you will be able to answer these questions when you have completed the training series: 

  • What is an amygdala hijack and how can it help me be a better leader?
  • What is brain science teaching us about leadership? How do I use the different leadership styles to lead in different situations?
  • Why is sharing my values so important to influencing others? What are the best ways to motivate people?
  • What is Spontaneous Proaction?
  • How are those executive perks affecting the performance of organization?
  • How does the office layout affect the culture of my team or organization?
  • Why should I care about my employee’s happiness?
  • Why is vision or purpose so critical to leading at any level?

These are just some of the questions you will be able to answer.

Learn the latest thinking in leadership. Don't be left behind!

Unlike other leadership training that focus on only a few qualities or aspects of leadership, this is a comprehensive program that trains you in all of the vital areas that can dramatically improve your ability to lead others and give you an edge in today's business world. 

The training focuses on six areas that we call the ENERGY Model. Your ability to lead effectively begins with your ability to provide the energy needed for people and the organization to succeed. The ENERGY Model has everything you need to do just that. Each component of the ENERGY Model addresses a key area for today's leader. You will learn about Environment, Nimble, Encouragement, Rapport, Growth and Yield. This is a unified model for getting the most from the people you lead, and creating a high performance organization. 

Module 1 Environment - In this module we will discuss the culture of the department, division, or company. You will learn what other factors play a part in the culture such as clothing, furniture, and other symbols that represent the culture in your company. Finally, you will learn about one of your primary responsibilities - managing the system. Understanding how the people you lead affect other parts of the company is vital to effective leadership. 

  • Understand the difference between leadership and leading.
  • Understand values and how they relate to leadership.
  • Learn how to establish credibility based on your values.
  • Understand the concept of managing the system.
  • Understand culture and how it affects people.
  • Learn how to assess your current culture.
  • Learn about changing the culture.

Module 2 Nimble - In this module you will learn about what's needed in order to not only make fast decisions; but better decisions, solve problems quickly, and understand what is really going on with the people you lead so you can get the most from them. 

  • Improving the flow of communication
  • How fear slows down and prevents being nimble.
  • Using feedback based on trust to enable you to keep your pulse on changes or potential problems.
  • Creating an infrastructure conducive to fast decisions and being Nimble.
  • You will learn about the different ways to encourage people and get the most from them and doing so with respect, and not using outdated methods that cause the opposite results. 
  • You will learn some myths about motivation and the alternatives to what you have probably been doing for many years.

Module 3 Encouragement - In this module you will learn about motivation from the outside with rewards and incentives, versus motivation through intrinsic methods that have a very different effect. You will learn about the side effects and after effects of the both methods and the best ways to gain commitment rather than compliance.

  • Learn the types of motivation.
  • Learn about the problems with incentives.
  • Learn about the problems with performance appraisals. 
  • Learn the difference between accountability and blame.
  • Learn how to hold people accountable.
  • Learn about the value of happiness at work.
  • Learn a system of encouragement and motivation.

Module 4 Rapport  - Building Rapport is about working together as one team and it is very important to getting results and executing your objectives. Leaders that take the time to develop relationships create a team that openly shares ideas, and work as a team to help each other instead of against each other. Relationships allow better execution of your objectives because teams work together to solve problems and develop better solutions. This module also discusses aligning everyone towards a common purpose, while breaking down the boundaries that prevent cohesive teams from thriving. 

  • Learn about the advantages of effective communication. 
  • Learn what conditions are needed to speed up communication.
  • Understand how trust affects speed and the flow of information.
  • Understand fear and what it does to your ability to lead effectively.
  • Understand feedback and the importance to better leadership.
  • Understand the importance of creating an infrastructure that supports speed.

Module 5 Growth - This module discusses three areas of growth; personal, employee, and organizational. Each area of the three areas of growth helps improve overall performance. Personal growth is about a better person through more confidence, more fulfillment, building on strengths, and more self-awareness. Employee growth is about grooming employees to take on more challenging assignments, making better decisions, becoming a more effective leader. And organizational growth is about building a foundation for the long-term existence of the company. 

  • Learn the importance of growth as a leadership practice.
  • Learn the three types of growth.
  • Learn how to grow your personal leadership abilities.
  • Learn how to grow your team to meet the demands of today and tomorrow.
  • Learn how to grow the organization with vision, technology, and innovation.

Module 6 Yield - In this module you learn how the other parts of the ENERGY model come together and allow you to execute your goals and produce results or as the model calls it - yield. You will learn about the various tools for gathering, measuring, and analyzing data. You will learn how to spot various patterns in data they may otherwise go unnoticed. All of the data gathering will not mean anything unless you can execute changes that support the strategy of the company. This component also presents a model of execution that is easy to understand and can be used by every leader in the company. 

  • Learn about defining measures.
  • Learn about measurement methods.
  • Learn how to monitor results.
  • Learn the tools for analyzing and improving the results.
  • Learn about the Cycle of Execution
  • Learn the basics of strategy and how it relates to execution.


What is different about this training?

The training programs in this series offer a real-world perspective presented in an easy to understand format. The training avoids much of the technical jargon you find in other programs. Leadership Training Series includes engaging and interactive skill-building activities.

Throughout the training you will be presented with

  • Interactive visual quizzes; 
  • Scenarios; 
  • Exercises
  • Engaging
  • Not "sit and soak" training!
  • Instant feedback as you learn
  • Fun experience


This unique approach will help you remember what you have learned and allow you to put it to work immediately.