Leadership and Strategic Evaluations

Leadership Assessment – Take a 360 degree leadership assessment, completely anonymous and on-line. Using a proven leadership inventory tool with over 25 years of evidence-based research you can be assured of receiving valid, predictive feedback. Receive a complete report with graphs easily showing your strengths and areas of improvement. Contact us for details.
Strategy Evaluation – Before investing thousands, or tens of thousands of dollars in a new strategy, evaluate your business strategy and learn about potential problems. You will be asked questions related to a number of areas including: mission, sales & marketing, organization, compensation, executive strength, competition, market segmentation, and financials. Your unique strategy will evaluated against hundreds of the best business and marketing concepts and determine your chances of success. You will receive a written report that can be studied and shared internally. Contact us for details.
Leadership Evaluation - Take this brief ten question evaluation to find out about your leadership abilities. You will received feedback based on your responses to the questions, giving you a unique and personalized profile of your leadership. Click here to begin the evaluation.