Boss Stories

Share your boss stories. Tell us about your best or worst boss. (No profanity please)

Sometimes you might not have a story to share, but your boss may have just said something really stupid, crazy, or ridiculous. Maybe your boss has a habit that is really annoying that you would like to share. Maybe you are in meeting and want to post something in real time, or if you are short on time and would like to post a quick comment, post it here.

Here are some examples.

"I am interviewing someone right now with my boss and another colleague and my boss is sending me text messages making fun the candidate. I burst out in laughter and had to excuse myself."

"We are in a meeting and my boss is playing Angry Birds on his iPhone. He thinks no one knows, but we can hear it when he shoots the birds with the sling shot."

"My boss called me into to his office to complain about an expense report someone submitted after a recent trade show. He wanted to know why he is paying for bottles of water. He said he doesn't buy water for anyone else. I informed him that we have bottled water in the lunch room that he has been buying for 10 years. He said, “I’m going to stop that too."

"My boss, rightfully, gets annoyed when people bring food to work and leave it in the refrigerator too long and it spoils. That's fine, but her proposed solution: shut down the refrigerator and close the lunch room. No one is allowed to bring their lunch to work."

"The management team was gathering in my office at the end of the day when our boss, the owner, walks in carrying a large box and interrupts us by announcing that he has a problem. We all stop and are concerned. Looking out the window at his car he informs us that he doesn't have any cars at the office that have a back seat. We really felt bad for him."



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